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Any Knucklehead Can Play Ukulele!

Pete Rivard will teach this very fun and motivating course and get you started playing Ukulele for just $90. Don’t have an Ukulele yet? Don’t worry - for $150 we’ll include the Registration fee, a Soprano Uke, Gig Bag  & Clip-on Tuner! Spend this summer learning something new that you can share with your friends and family. All ages welcome!


Course Dates: 

Session W: 06/11/16 - 07/09/16, Saturdays, 10am - 11:30am, NO CLASS 4th of July Weekend


Session X: 08/06/16 - 08/27/16, Saturdays, 10am - 11:30am


Full Course Outline | Tuition: $90 | Tuition + Ukulele: $150

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Brickhouse Holiday Singers

We will use the rich history of patriotic songs to take singing to the next level! This course is available to all levels of singers. During this class you will learn about vocal health, rhythm, intonation, learning without developing bad habits, turning music into poetry, memorization techniques, the history of our repertoire,  internalizing music and sharing emotion.  The course includes a take-home practice CD to make learning your vocal part at home easy! There will be public performance opportunities in July.



Course Dates:

Session W: 05/12/16 - 06/30/16, Thursdays, 4pm - 5pm


Full Course Outline  | Tuition: $120

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Drum Set Camp

Get your drumming chops in tip top shape by crushing 18 hours of drumming instruction into 1 week. In this camp we will go in depth on several different styles of drumming including rock, funk, jazz, afro-cuban, latin, and more! There will be rudiment exercises everyday. New grooves every day.  Soloing ideas every day.  You will learn how to practice effectively. You will walk out on the last day of camp feeling in fantastic drumming shape with a wealth of new techniques and concepts to explore on your own. All ages and experience levels welcome.

Course Dates: 

Session Y: 06/13/16 - 06/17/16, Monday, Noon - 2pm, Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 2:00pm


Full Course Outline  |  Tuition: $150

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Come try out our brand new Music for Kids program at Brickhouse Music! We have teamed up with veteran music teacher, Monica Laust of St. Joseph in Prescott, to bring you a learning opportunity that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your child’s face. Children will learn through song, movement, rhythm activities, and games. Drop in and give it a try for FREE in June or register online for a full 8 session class in July.  


Course Dates:

Drop in: 06/14/16 - 06/28/16, Tuesdays, 5pm for age 3, 6pm for ages 4 and 5, FREE to attend, No registration required


Session W: 07/12/16 - 08/04/16, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5pm for 3 year olds, 6:00pm for 4 - 5 year olds


Full Course Outline | Tuition: $80, FREE in June. 

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Music Theory Primer (for kids)

This is a great way to tackle the challenging task of learning to read music in a fun and accessible way through piano and keyboard percussion. This course is recommended for children ages 6 - 11 to give them a jump start on learning music! Reading music doesn’t have to be difficult and with this course, it is made simple. It is a 6 week course and it is less than $10 a week. Brickhouse Music is teaming up with The School District of River Falls Community Education program to offer you this exciting and affordable Music Theory Primer. Visit to register for this course.*


Course Dates:

Session W: 06/08/16 - 07/13/16, Wednesdays, 4pm - 5pm


Full Course Outline  | Tuition: $50


*Registration for this course is available exclusively through Community Education



Music Theory II
This is the perfect course if you already have some basic knowledge of music and are looking to take it further and have a more complete knowledge of the language.  Every week you will do ear training and hands on music theory skills that you can immediately apply to whatever instrument you play.  This 6 week course will give you critical the building blocks you will need as you continue your musical journey.  It is recommended that you already have at least a rudimentary knowledge of music theory or have completed our Music Theory I class.  Review the week by week breakdown below to be sure this course is the right fit for you or your student.

Course Dates: 

Session W: 06/08/16 - 07/13/16, Wednesdays, 5pm - 6:30pm (6 classes)


Full Course Outline  |  Tuition: $90

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Music Theory III
This course is for advanced students. It is required that you can read music or have already completed our Music Theory II course to register for this. This course is perfect if you want to explore chord progressions, chord voicings, chord inversions, modes of the major and minor scales, 12-bar blues, form, and composition. This 6 week course will give you critical the building blocks you will need to intelligently analyze music! Review the week by week breakdown in the course outline below to be sure this course is the right fit for you or your student.

Course Dates:

Session W: 06/08/16 - 07/13/16, Wednesdays, 6:30pm - 8pm (6 classes)


Full Course Outline  |  Tuition: $90

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Rock Band - ADULTS!

This is Brickhouse Music’s adult rock band camp for the weekend warriors! We offer you 4 packed weekends of music. During every week of class you will be playing with other musicians in a fun and comfortable setting with the guidance of a professional musician. You'll be playing rock and roll every day - even in the first class! This is a great opportunity to work with and meet other musicians in the community in a low stress environment. You’ve always wanted to play in a band. Now take that first step! 


Course Dates:

Session W: 07/09/16 - 07/30/16, Saturdays, 2pm - 4pm


Full Course Outline | Tuition: $120

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Rock Band

During every day of class you will be playing with other musicians in a fun and comfortable setting with the guidance of a professional musician. YOU WILL BE PLAYING SONGS EVERY DAY, STARTING ON DAY ONE! This is a wonderful opportunity to play with a real band and learn great songs. Included in this class are the opportunities to record at Velvet Brick Studio and to play a live concert.  Registering for this class will get you out of the practice room and into the REAL music world!

Recommended for ages 10-17 with a basic experience level. 


Course Dates:

Session W: 08/01/16 - 08/05/16, Monday, Noon - 2pm, Thursday - Friday 10am - 2pm


Full Course Outline | Tuition: $195

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Singing for Musicals

This musical course will go over the basics for singing on stage.  We will cover topics such as sending your voice to the back of the room, directional singing, clarity of singing and of speech, character voices, vocal health, timing, and much more.  As this is an interactive class please bring questions and i will happily clear up issues that may not be on the itinerary. Register to learn more about your instrument, how to effectively use it physically and emotionally, and to add to the joy of singing with numerous performance opportunities!


Course Dates:

Session W: 07/14/16 - 09/01/16, Thursdays, 4pm - 5pm


Full Course Outline | Tuition: $120

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Beginnner Band Camp

The beginning band camp provides students beginning instruction in instrumental music performance. The two-week camp will teach students how to put together and hold their instrument, how to correctly produce a proper sound, and how to read and perform music on their instrument. Students will be taught in like-instrument groups of no more than 12 students per session and upon completion will be prepared for their first days of band in a school setting. Mike Fuller is the instructor for this course and has been teaching sixth grade band at Meyer Middle School in River Falls, WI since 1996. Email him directly with questions at or you can get full details and a registration form by clicking the link below.

Course Dates:

08/08/16 - 08/18/16, Monday - Thursday, times will depend on instrument

Full Course Brochure and Registration Details | Tuition: $65, $70 after June 1st



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