While we love all of our students, the students on this page have been recognized for their talent, hard work, improvements, and achievements. These students earned recognition!

Student Of The Week

Ellie Zepczyk - Student of the Week 9/3/18
“Ellie is on her second year of taking lessons and has shown AMAZING improvement, especially in the last few months. She does a phenomenal job of singing and playing at the same time, and has pretty much memorized the last piece we learned, Beauty and the Beast. We are now learning Lava, from the Pixar short, and she is approaching it with tons of excitement and enthusiasm. She is a pleasure to have in lessons, as she comes in everyday smiling and ready to go. Ellie also takes gymnastic classes!"

Karah, Ellie's Piano Instructor


Greyson DeLander - Student of the Week 8/27/18
“Greyson is committed to daily practice and quickly outgrew the capabilities of his single row, single key, pre-owned button accordion. He stepped up to a new Hohner 3-row button accordion, purchased through Brickhouse, capable of five major and minor keys. Greyson is diligently exploring that new instrument with button accordion instructor."

Pete, Greyson's Accordion Instructor


Tim Leary - Student of the Week 8/20/18
“Tim has been maintaining daily practice, even when his teacher is gone for a lesson.  He has a great positive attitude in lessons and has been showing great improvement in his chord playing. Tim loves going to his family's cabin on the weekends."

Jason, Tim's Guitar Instructor


Owen Gulick - Student of the Week 7/30/18
“Owen has been taking his practice and lessons more seriously, and because of this, we have been able to get more out of our time in lessons.  He is also having an easier time with the exercises and techniques he is improving. Owen may be the only person who actually enjoys arguing with me for fun. Unfortunately, I have a responsibility to make sure I'm also teaching him guitar, so I'm the one who has to cut our discussions short - sorry about that Owen"

Jason, Owen's Guitar Instructor


Camryn Wiertzema - Student of the Week 7/23/18
“Camryn has made remarkable progress learning her notes.  She comes prepared and always has a smile on her face. She played in the first showcase, as did her twin brother who studies with Tom. Someday they may play a duet together. Camryn likes noodles with a side of bacon!"

Carol, Camryn's Piano Instructor


Natalie Leisz - Student of the Week 7/02/18
“Natalie is an absolute pleasure to have in lessons. She has fantastic focus and always comes prepared and excited to play piano. She also has an amazing imagination and creates creatures and draws them in a purple sketchbook that she always seems to have with her."

Karah, Natalie's Piano Instructor


Jacob Moore - Student of the Week 6/25/18
“Jacob has been working very hard on his counting skills, and has shown great improvement over the past couple of weeks.  He has also maintained a positive attitude when he was not doing as well, staying focused on getting better. Many of the stories Jacob shares involve him spending time outdoors, which is something it seems he generally enjoys."

Jason, Jacob's Guitar Instructor


Phillip Bailey - Student of the Week 6/18/18
“Phillip has great hand shape while playing and works very hard with the metronome. Phillip just graduated high school!"

Tom, Phillip's Piano Instructor


Casey Cernohous - Student of the Week 6/11/18
“Over the past couple of weeks, Casey has worked hard to increase his practice time and has been practicing on a daily basis. This has led to him gaining confidence in his playing and moving forward more quickly. Casey is a good communicator.  He is thoughtful and open in conversation, and very pleasant to talk with."

Jason, Casey's Guitar Instructor


Rylan Mueller - Student of the Week 6/04/18
“Rylan has always worked hard to improve his musical skills and has a great attitude in lessons. He has taken charge of what he is working on, and has shown dedication to making sure he is practicing many different areas of musicianship. Rylan competed in Track and Field this spring, which is impressive to his guitar teacher because he thinks running is exhausting and difficult."

Jason, Rylan's Guitar Instructor


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