10/11/19 & 10/12/19


The two-day workshop will last approximately 8 hours. At the two-hour session Friday night, October 11th, Kaufman will get to know each student. He will answer questions, give pointers and evaluate each student’s strengths and weaknesses. From Friday’s observations and questionnaire, he will tailor the next day’s session for the group. The 5-6 hour Saturday session will cover core picking skills and techniques, repertoire and building blocks for growth. Small groups and some individual attention make this workshop valuable for guitarists at all levels of experience. Bluegrass Unlimited has said, “As a professional guitar teacher, Kaufman has perfected his teaching skills as much as his picking technique.

10/12/19 & 10/13/19


We will work on fingerings, how to learn new songs more easily...we'll make playing by Tab and by ear more accessible, work on chords from basic to intermediate forms and show how comfortably they move around the fingerboard. We will go over chop rhythm, timing, notes double stops and more!

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