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Any Knucklehead Can Play Ukulele!

Pete Rivard will teach this very fun and motivating course and get you started playing Ukulele for just $90. Don’t have an Ukulele yet? Don’t worry - for $150 we’ll include the Registration fee, a Soprano Uke, Gig Bag  & Clip-on Tuner! Spend this summer learning something new that you can share with your friends and family. All ages welcome!


Course Dates: 

Session W: 06/11/16 - 07/09/16, Saturdays, 10am - 11:30am, NO CLASS 4th of July Weekend


Session X: 08/06/16 - 08/27/16, Saturdays, 10am - 11:30am


Full Course Outline | Tuition: $90 | Tuition + Ukulele: $150

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Brass Ensemble Push Ups

Join Ben Allen for 4 exciting weeks of Brass Ensemble Push Ups! Learn & grow physically & musically with other brass players for 2 hours every Saturday. Ben will lead you through fun and challenging brass ensemble music that is engaging and presented in an accessible style. Brass Ensemble is recommended for students & brass players with at least some playing experience. Registering for this class will get you out of the practice room & into the workout room, lifting virtual musical weights & playing in harmony with other talented brass players, asap!

Course Dates:

11/05/16 - 12/03/16,

 Saturdays, 1:30pm - 3:30pm (4wks, 8hrs) NO CLASS THANKSGIVING WEEKEND

Full Course Outline | Tuition: $120 + Materials

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Brickhouse Holiday Singers

This course will focus on effectively singing with emotion, teach tricks for quickly learning new music and apply those tricks to our favorite holiday songs! As this is an A Capella singing class, we recommend that you have some experience singing before you register. During this class Tom will educate you on vocal health, Italian vowels, diphthongs, triphthongs, overtones, diction, breathing techniques, fun tongue twisters and much more.  The course includes a take-home practice CD to make learning your vocal part at home easy!

Course Dates:

10/20/16 - 12/15/16, Thursdays, 4pm - 5pm (8wks, 8 hrs)

Full Course Outline  | Tuition: $120 + Materials

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Crash Course In Diction

This course will cover the basics of English diction. Tom Hofmeister will show you tried and true techniques to improve the clarity of your speech and the many ways that it can be applied to singing. This is a must for serious singers!


Course Dates:

Session W: 9/15/16 - 09/29/16, Thursdays, 4pm - 5pm (3wks, 3hrs)

Full Course Outline | Tuition: $45

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Group Guitar

This course is ideal if you would like to sign up by yourself, with your child, or with a friend! Dylan Nelson is breaking it down to the basics and will cover everything from the parts of the guitar and proper physical technique, to learning simple chords to play some of your favorite songs. Don’t be shy! Take that first step and learn to play guitar.

Course Dates:

09/10/16 - 10/01/16, Saturdays, 10:15am - 11:45am (4wks, 6hrs)

Full Course Outline | Tuition: $90 + Materials

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Jazz For Strings

String players unite! This course provides a unique opportunity for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass players to learn music outside of the standard orchestral repertoire through jazz and improvisation. This course will inspire students through the magic of making improvised music together!

Course Dates: 

10/01/16 - 10/29/16, Saturday, 1:30pm - 4pm (5wks, 12.5 hrs)

Full Course Outline  |  Tuition: $190 + Course Materials

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Come try out our early childhood music program at Brickhouse Music! This is a unique learning opportunity that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your child’s face. Children will learn through song, movement, rhythm activities, and games. Class sizes are limited so make sure to register today. We are excited to bring music into your child’s life!

Course Dates:

09/06/16 - 10/25/16, Tuesdays, 11am - 11:30am (8wks)

10/04/16 - 11/22/16, Tuesdays, 5pm - 5:30pm (8wks)

Full Course Outline | Tuition: $80

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Music Theory Primer (for kids)

This is a great way to tackle the challenging task of learning to read music in a fun and accessible way through games, piano and percussion! This is recommended for children ages 6-9. Brickhouse Music has teamed up with The School District of River Falls to offer you this exciting course. Visit to register for this course.*


Course Dates:

Level 1: 09/07/16 - 10/05/16, Wed. 4pm-5pm (5 wks, 5 hrs)

Level 2: 10/19/16 - 11/16/16, Wed. 4pm-5pm (5 wks, 5 hrs)

Full Course Outline  | Tuition: $50 + Materials


*Registration for this course is available exclusively through Community Education



Music Theory

We now have 8 levels of Music Theory that will equip students with a complete understanding of harmony, melody, and rhythm. Students can start as early as 6 years old in our Music Theory Primer course (see above) to be fully prepared when they start level 1A. We highly recommend Music Theory for all of our Brickhouse Lesson Academy students. Each 5 week course is only $50. It's easy to figure out what level to take by completing our free level assessment right now!

Music Theory 1A: 9/07/16 - 10/05/16, Wednesdays, 5pm (5 wks, 5 hrs)

Music Theory 1B: 10/19/16 - 11/16/16, Wednesdays, 5pm (5 wks, 5 hrs)

Music Theory 2A: 9/07/16 - 10/05/16, Wednesdays, 6pm (5 wks, 5 hrs)

Music Theory 2B: 10/19/16 - 11/16/16, Wednesdays, 6pm (5 wks, 5 hrs)

Music Theory 3A: 9/07/16 - 10/05/16, Wednesdays, 7pm (5 wks, 5 hrs)

Music Theory 3B: 10/19/16 - 11/16/16, Wednesdays, 7pm (5 wks, 5 hrs)

Full Course Outlines  |  Tuition: $50 + Materials

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Rock Band

During every week of class you will be playing with other musicians in a fun and comfortable setting with the guidance of a professional musician. YOU WILL BE PLAYING SONGS EVERY DAY, FROM DAY ONE! This is a great opportunity to play with a real band and learn real songs. The band will perform at the Brickhouse Music Holiday Showcase on December 4th.


Course Dates:

10/06/16 - 12/01/16, Thursdays, 5:30pm - 7pm (8wks, 12hrs)

Full Course Outline | Tuition: $180 + Materials

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Steve Kaufman's Guitar Workshop
Steve Kaufman is a Three-Time Winner of the prestigious National Flatpicking Championships. He has over 100 award winning instructional books, CDs and DVDs to his credits and 18 CD recordings. Steve will be conducting his award winning, all level, 8 hour, and hands on Flatpicking Guitar Workshop. Bring a guitar, voice recorder and lots of questions! Voted "Best Workshops" since 2002. Tuition includes BOTH days. 

Course Dates:

October 14-15, 7pm - 9pm on Friday (10/14) and 9:30am - 3:30pm on Saturday (10/15)

For more details email or call 715.426.67766

Tuition: $90

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A Brief History Of Clarinet - With Dr. Daniel Friberg
Unlike its cousin the saxophone, the clarinet did not emerge onto the musical scene as a fully formed instrument.  Rather, it was born out of duck calls, the recorder, and a little-known instrument called the chalumeau and then evolved rapidly to become an indispensable member of military bands and the orchestral woodwind section.  Hear a brief history of this development along with live demonstrations of historical instruments.  Also included will be a discussion of mouthpiece and reed design basics.  Sponsored by D'Addario Woodwinds.


Wednesday, May 3rd, 6:30 pm



Automating Stage Lights - With Anthony Bloch

Are you a DJ? Is your band ready to take your stage performances to the next level? In this clinic, you will learn how to take full control of the DMX features on any lighting setup using your DAW, customize your lighting scenes, and automate your lights to synchronize with your show. Anthony will be using Ableton Live and Chauvet lighting. Special discounts on Chauvet products available for clinic attendees. 


Tuesday, May 23rd, 6:30 pm 


Brickhouse Holiday Singers

We will use the rich history of patriotic songs to take your singing to the next level. Singing is more than just notes and rhythms.  It is about conveying a message, and since all levels of singers have to transfer emotion this course is available to all levels of singers.

05/11/17 - 06/29/17, Thursdays, 4pm - 5pm (8wks, 8 hrs)

Tuition: $130 + materials, or $110 + materials if registered 30 days prior

Full Course Outline 

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Let's Play Drums! - With Anthony Bloch

Get better at what you LOVE. Anthony will share some tips and methods that will help you reach your summer drumming goals! He is also offering a 1-week intensive camp from July 10th - July 14th. Check out our full course catalog to register for summer drum set camp.


Saturday, June 10th, 1:00 pm 


Vocal Harmony & Health- With Tom Hofmeister


This is a crash course in singing harmony and how to keep your voice healthy over the Holidays! Come and meet the director of our Brickhouse Music Choir and soak up some knowledge about singing.


Saturday, November 25th, 1:00 pm


Recording & Producing at Home
- With Pat Durhman and Jeremy Davis


It’s time to get that song idea out of your head and onto iTunes and Spotify! Home producing and recording is more accessible now than ever before. Pat and Jeremy will give you a rundown of the basics to get you started!


Thursday, December 7th, 6:30 pm



PA 201 - With Tommy Bentz


This is the sequel to PA 101! This clinic is geared toward the working professional. Are you a band director, DJ, gigging musician or a solo act? Tommy will have the answers to your PA questions. Attendees will receive an exclusive coupon for deals on Brickhouse PA gear!


Saturday, February 17th, 1 pm 



Making Beats - With Eugene & Anthony


In this clinic, you will learn how to make beats using the piano roll feature of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Eugene and Anthony will show you how to create beats and grooves using Garage Band and Ableton Live. The material covered in this clinic will help users of any DAW including Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Garage Band, etc. Make pro-sounding beats using your own computer in the comfort of your own home.


Saturday, February 24th, 1 pm