While we love all of our students, the students on this page have been recognized for their talent, hard work, improvements, and achievements. These students earned recognition!

Student Of The Week

Alice Folstad - Student of the Week 3/26/18
“She consistently practices and comes to lessons prepared! She makes excellent cookies!"

Tom, Alice's Piano Instructor


Cooper Sheely - Student of the Week 3/19/18
“I have been talking with Cooper for a while about marking difficult parts in songs/exercises to focus on in order to more quickly improve the quality of the entire piece.  At our most recent lesson Cooper came in having marked off difficult passages on his own, and has been starting to take on this task himself. It was a truly glorious moment.Cooper recently took a class in which he built his own fishing rod.  I'm looking forward to him bringing it into Brickhouse to show it off!"

Jason, Cooper's Guitar Instructor


Zach Miller - Student of the Week 3/12/18
“Zach is always willing to try new styles of music.  He has made great strides in sight reading and played in our last showcase.  Zach is learning a duet which he may perform with his mom. Zach is a student at St. Bridget's school.  Recently his picture was in the River Falls Journal . It was about a sport that he enjoys! Ask him about it!"

Carol, Zach's Piano Instructor


Libby Larson - Student of the Week 3/5/18
“Libby is every teacher's dream student. She always comes prepared and works very hard in class. I feel honored to have her as my student. Thanks Libby for always putting a smile on my face. You are very special! 🎼🎹🎶Libby has a twin sister, Clair who takes drum lessons from Alex."

Darla, Libby's Piano Instructor


Jacob Montoya - Student of the Week 2/26/18
“Jacob practices multiple times every day and works hard at taking direction in order to improve. He has also worked hard to control his emotional state when he is feeling frustrated with his playing. Jacob also likes to sing, and will often times come into his lesson singing his favorite songs from movies."

Jason, Jacob's Guitar Instructor


Marie Eggers - Student of the Week 2/12/18
“Marie works hard and always has a great attitude. I had fun time teaching Marie in the free choir!"

Tom, Marie's Vocal Instructor


Frankie & Emme - Students of the Week 2/5/18
“Last week both girls successfully worked much harder than ever to practice every day and showed a better understanding of tuning the instrument on their own.  Because of this they both had excellent lessons and left with huge smiles on their faces.Frankie and Emme are also involved in organized hockey, which means showing a dedication to guitar practice in the winter means that much more!"

Jason, Frankie & Emme's Instructor


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