While we love all of our students, the students on this page have been recognized for their talent, hard work, improvements, and achievements. These students earned recognition!

Student Of The Week

Trevor Conrad - Student of the Week 1/29/18
“Trevor is a pleasure to have in lessons and has recently tackled some more difficult pieces such as Tarantella in G minor and he is currently working on Beethoven's Fur Elise. Trevor consistently comes to his lessons prepared, works hard and has a positive attitude. He and his brothers all take lessons at Brickhouse and have also taken some Community Ed Cooking Classes! Yum!"

Karah, Trevor's  Piano Instructor


Andrew Hoffman - Student of the Week 1/22/18
"Andrew has buckets of talent and so much fun energy in lessons. He is a hard worker, too!Pierogi są moim ulubionym! Hooray!"  


Alex, Andrew's  Guitar Instructor


Tim Leary - Student of the Week 1/15/18
"Tim has been practicing every day now, and always has a great positive attitude in lessons. He has done excellent work focusing on the "little things" in his daily practice. Tim loves nice cars, and has even sat in a Porche 911."  


Jason, Tim's  Guitar Instructor


Henry Hovland - Student of the Week 1/8/18
"Henry has been working on more difficult songs, and even playing melody and harmony at the same time.  He has shown consistent dedication to practice for several weeks, and has been thoroughly enjoying the progress he is making. Henry has the will of a lion - he can make his Halloween candy last the entire year!"  


Jason, Henry's  Ukulele Instructor


Cooper Cernohouse:
First Student of the Week this year! 1/1/18
"Cooper comes in each week prepared and ready to learn. His hard work and dedication to the saxophone is an inspiration to us all! This year cooper started to learn and play Lacrosse!"  


Justin, Cooper's  Saxophone Instructor


Brody Ripley-Student of The Week 12/25/17
"Brody always comes prepared and has a big smile on his face. He goes to school in Prescott. He enjoys all styles of music, and recently learned an arrangement of Star Wars. Brody enjoys traveling with his family."  


Carol, Brody's  Piano Instructor


Ellie McCabe -Student of The Week 12/18/17
"Ellie has kept a very consistent practice routine since she started taking lessons. This has led to a steady and reliable development of her skills. This past week she came to her lesson and played her assignment without error. I want to recognize the discipline and consistent effort that is required to do such a thing.When she's not being a diligent guitar student Ellie enjoys baking, reading fiction and drawing in pencil.”  


Dylan, Ellie's Guitar Instructor


Nick Graf-Student of The Week 12/11/17
"Nick has taken a lot of responsibility in his lessons and practice habits, and it shows! He has grown into a really kind-hearted, hilarious little dude, and it's great to have him in drum lessons! Nick orbits the sun at the same speed the rest of us do."  


Alex, Nick's  Drum Set Instructor


Jackson Gulick -Student of The Week 11/06/17
"Jackson is a really positive dude and brings a lot of energy and effort to lessons. He never lets stuff get the better of him.I think I made him do five jumping jacks once, It was pretty funny."  


Alex, Jackson's  Drum Set Instructor


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