While we love all of our students, the students on this page have been recognized for their talent, hard work, improvements, and achievements. These students earned recognition!

Student Of The Week

Carrie Cernohous -Student of The Week 10/30/17
"Carrie has been my student for several years, and she has been very consistent and dedicated to practicing. The results are amazing! Her willingness to practice technical routines is giving her the ability to play with increasing ease, and I am very excited to see what the next phase will bring for her.Occasionally Carrie comes to lessons and tells me a bit about some vacation to warmer climes. She knows how to get away from the frozen tundra once in a while!”


Walter, Carrie's  Guitar Instructor


Joseph Hoffman -Student of The Week 10/23/17
"Joseph has excelled at an incredible rate. His work ethic and motivation comes from his parents (Mike & Ola), and there exceptional effort to be involved in practice time and performances. Michael keeps a steady beat while Joe masters some of the great trumpet features like "Gonna Fly Now", and the "James Bond Theme. He also can play all 12 of his major scales in under 1:30! This is an amazing accomplishment for someone of his age. Joe can speak fluent Polish! Every so often they revisit Ola's homeland and live it up in Poland. He also attends Polish school every weekend and performs with a small band of his peers."

Ben, Joseph's Trumpet Instructor


Aly Ghenciu -Student of The Week 10/16/17
"Aly is an amazing young lady. She always comes prepared. She is very creative and sometimes sings along as she learns the note names. Aly also takes vocal lessons with Tom after studying Keyboard with Carol. Aly has done a lot of traveling with her family. She is a third grader."


Carol, Aly's Piano Instructor


Emily Larsen -Student of The Week 10/9/17
"Emily has been working towards learning a very intense drum part to a song that thrashes the double bass pedal! Each week she gets closer and closer to her goal and continues to impress me with the obstacles that she has overcome. Emily is an ideal student! She works hard and progresses. Her strong work ethic has allowed her to become a drummer of a very high caliber. Beyond dominating the drum set, Emily enjoys the world around her. She likes to be outdoors and identify unique and interesting plants and animals! "


Kevin, Emily's Drum Set Instructor


Dylan Conrad -Student of The Week 9/25/17
"Dylan has been an excellent student! His positive attitude and willingness to learn the musical craft have made him an awesome candidate for student of the week. Not only does Dylan rock out his trombone, his whole family takes lessons at Brickhouse! Thanks, Mom and Dad for supporting your children's dreams!! Dylan loves playing online games with his dad, giving him an edge in the digital world! He often schools me on the latest and greatest in this field!!”


Ben, Dylan's Trombone Instructor


River Heinze -Student of The Week 9/18/17
"River and her parents put a great deal of work in at home. She has a wonderful passion for music and her music has a lot of personality. River is very energetic and is a hard worker!"


Tom, River's Piano Instructor


Quinn Ertz -Student of The Week 9/11/17
Quinn went above and beyond by attending not one but two different guitar camps this last few weeks furthering his music knowledge. Quinn has been a great student for a long time and always comes in with a smile and ready to learn.”


Zeb, Quinn's Guitar Instructor


Elise Gulick -Student of The Week 9/4/17
Elise is very creative and wants to learn all styles of music. she recently played a duet with her grandmother at the showcase and may do one with her father Elise is a twin, and three of her siblings study here at Brickhouse. She will be going on a trip overseas with her grandfather  She always has lots of news to share.


Carol, Elise's Piano Instructor


Kathy Wochomurka -Student of The Week 8/28/17
She's determined to learn the instrument, asks questions when she feels like she's not keeping up, arrives early to tune up and is clearly practicing. All good habits for a beginner musician.


Pete Rivard, Kathy's Ukulele Instructor


Logan and Mason Chrest
Students of The Week 8/21/17

"Mason and his brother Logan, also a percussionist, chose to perform a duet as a 4-H project this summer. They showed terrific teamwork skills, fine musicianship, and excellent artistic insight in preparing their duet. Mason also continues to work with Llamas as part of his 4H experience. Very cool!" 


"Logan has shown maturity and professionalism in learning a snare drum duet with his brother Mason. I Am proud of him and his work! Logan enjoys bucket hats."


Kyle Bonderson & Alex Burgess (respectively)

Logan & Mason's Percussion Instructors


Hunter Berglind - Student of The Week 8/14/17

"Hunter is a pleasure to teach. He comes in excited to play music. He has been taking 1-hour lessons and he has grown tremendously from that extra time. Hunter likes to talk about his great trips with his family. He even brought in an agate that he found. I was as big as my fist!!!!"


Tom Hofmeister,  Hunter's Piano Instructor


Alyssa Moelter - Student of The Week 8/7/17

"Alyssa is a wonderful student and is a pleasure to have in Lessons. She consistently comes in with her music well prepared and a smile on her face! We just recently moved into the next level of books, and she has proven that she is up for any challenge thrown her way. Alyssa has also participated in our Theory Group class and her sister also takes Guitar Lessons with Mr. Zeb, she hopes one day to play a musical duet with her sister for one of the student showcases."



Karah Dadez,  Alyssa's Piano Instructor


Aaliyah Moelter - Student of The Week 7/31/17

"She's taking vocal lessons and we are starting to incorporate our playing with singing. Which can be difficult and she's doing great. She and her sister are twins taking lessons at the store."



Zeb Sears,  Aaliyah's Guitar Instructor


Leo Stamets - Student of The Week 7/24/17

"Leo comes in every week with a positive attitude and well-prepared lesson material. He has advanced through several levels of the Piano Adventures Method books and shows no signs of slowing down! Leo is also very active, playing baseball, often running to games right after lessons."



Karah Dadez,  Leo's Piano Instructor


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