While we love all of our students, the students on this page have been recognized for their talent, hard work, improvements, and achievements. These students earned recognition!

Student Of The Week

Mathom Johnson - Student of The Week 7/17/17

"Mathom has made a lot of progress in a short time. He is always prepared and is very polite. Mathom plans to play in the Showcase and enjoys being a performer of all styles of music. He loves reading. Harry Potter is a favorite!"



Carol Prince,  Mathom's Piano Instructor


John Sowieja - Student of The Week 7/10/17

"John comes in every week with a new song prepared. Because of this, he has made a great deal of progress. John is a pleasure to teach and talk to about the gaming world. "



Tom Hofmeister,  John's Voice Instructor


Sophia Ripley - Student of The Week 7/03/17

"Sophia finished her second instructional book and has now progressed to Ukulele Aerobics. Her technique is getting stronger all the time, and she will be branching out with this book into finger picking, more advanced chords and progressions and building the kind of neck familiarity needed for improvising. Sophia runs and plays soccer, and can play ukulele behind her head."


Pete Rivard,  Sophia's Ukulele Instructor


Macie Olan - Student of The Week 6/26/17

"We have been working on some end of the book material and getting ready to move into the next. Lot of hard techniques and memorizing and she is doing great with good practice."



Zeb Sears, Macie's Guitar Instructor


Bell Skow - Student of The Week 6/19/17

"Bell is awesome. She writes her own songs & sings them regularly for us at our student showcases. She is motivated and pumped about music. "



Zeb Sears, Bell's Guitar Instructor


Ryann McCabe - Student of The Week 6/7/17

"During her first lesson, this 7-year-old student learned and repeatedly correctly identified over a dozen component parts of the ukulele. She's left handed, like me."



Pete Rivard, Ryann's Ukulele Instructor


Suzy Pollack - Student of The Week 5/30/17

"Suzy is one of my long-term adult students that has practiced with consistency and focus on the skills and techniques learned in our lessons. This past week her playing displayed great improvement. It is a joy to see her progress! Suzy has dogs and she likes to work in the garden. She also has a great sense of humor. We laugh frequently!"

Walter Croll, Suzy's Guitar Instructor


Cass Rude - Student of The Week 5/15/17

"Cass started taking lessons approximately 6 months ago, and has been practicing extremely hard and advancing (her already good) skills immensely. She has moved from 5th chair to 1st chair in her high school band. Her hard work and dedication to becoming a musician is awesome and has paid off! Cass enjoys riding horses when she is not playing her flute!"

Jo Sander, Cass' Flute Instructor


Ben Bruce - Student of The Week 5/6/17

"Ben is so engaged in practicing regularly that I never feel the need to remind or push him. He has taken it upon himself to tackle very difficult pieces and works diligently to improve his knowledge of theory along with his technique. Ben has a highly analytical mind, and I greatly enjoy listening to him wax philosophical on just about anything when the opportunity presents itself."

Jason McLean, Ben's guitar instructor


Grant Hoff - Student of The Week 4/29/17

Grant Hoff is our first official Student of the Week! He is a fantastic student both at Brickhouse Music, where he takes piano and trombone lessons, as well as Somerset Middle School, where he recently was student of the month. He has progressed at an incredible rate, fully due to his great work ethic and overly positive attitude towards life. Grant enjoys participating in school musicals, multiple sports, and absolutely loves Star Wars!

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