Prescott Middle School Rental Catalog  


Instrument Rental Options


Throughout all of our years in business at Brickhouse Music, we’ve worked hard to develop a flexible instrument rental program for students who are about to begin lessons in concert or marching band. Our goal is to arm the students with quality instruments and to get them started on their Musical Path under worry-free terms.

BHM understands that young musicians may not always know which instrument will be the best fit for them right away - that is why we offer a low-cost monthly rental rate, to provide ample time to decide whether the instrument that is being rented is indeed the instrument that they love and will want to continue to play, without a premature investment. For additional peace of mind, we offer the maintenance plan for your rental (plan details on contract).

Due to COVID-19 precautions, we will not be able to perform our normal in-person contract signings, so we are offering this new online registration page for you to reserve your instrument now, for peace of mind, instead waiting for the fall. We will have you download the contract and addendum, fill them out at home and bring them to Brickhouse Music where you will make an appointment to pick up your reserved rental before lessons begin.

First Month's Flute Rental $26.36

First Month's Clarinet Rental $26.36

First Month's Alto Sax Rental $47.47

First Month's Tenor Sax Rental $58.01

First Month's French Horn Rental $58.01

First Month's Trumpet Rental $26.36

First Month's Trombone Rental $26.36

First Month's Baritone Horn Rental $47.47

First Month's Percussion Kit Rental $21.09