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Electric Guitar and Bass packs starting at $200!  Instrument, amp, gig bag, strap, tuner and cable ALL included


Step-up your drum set and your skills!

Your choice: 

Gretsch Energy, Pearl Export or Ludwig Element Evolution drum set

A 5-piece kit with double braced hardware, cymbals (ride, crash and hi-hat)

Normally $750-800 PLUS Brickhouse will give you ONE month worth of drum lessons for FREE  ($80 value) 

For JUST $699.99


All Band & Orchestra Cases

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Step-up acoustic guitars from Fender, Alvarez 15% off

Step-up electric guitars and basses from G&L, Fender, PRS and more 15-20% off

All Step-up Ukuleles an extra 15% off!

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Spring (Re-String) Cleaning!

Your choice of Ernie Ball Paradigm or Martin Lifespan Acoustic guitar strings, a professional restring and cleaning of your acoustic guitar for only $20!